Revolutionary martyrs, unshakeable monument!

Spokesperson, NDFP North East Mindanao Region

The armed revolutionary movement in the Caraga Region (North east Mindanao, in southern Philippines) started in the year 1975 in Agusan del Norte, it spread and is currently rooted in a large percent of the towns and cities in the four provinces of the region. The people’s revolutionary armed struggle has gone through many twists and turns throughout its 35-year history. It achieved many victories and faced problems in its construction and current status.

The failures, problems, even the victories achieved were nourished with the blood and lives of good and great youthful Red Fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA), cadres of the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the masses who gave their lives to the revolution. Their revolutionary contribution cannot be denied, thier martyrdom an unshakeable monument of the struggle in Caraga that should be spread, praised and proclaimed, and followed.

The mark of thier sacrifice is the established revolutionary strength in Caraga that can never be obliterated by the reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (AFP-PNP-GPH). It has taken roots and have expanded. It has proven itself able to prevail and advance inspite of the numerous military campaigns of the AFP that dream of destroying the revolution, and inspite of the declarations of all the presidents of the GPH to destroy it.

The Monument of the Struggle in Caraga is always remembered and given tribute by the revolutionaries, becoming their inspiration in the advancement and achievement of more victories towards the complete liberation of the people. These also encourage the people especially the youth, to join the revolution.

August 9, 1993 was the day Father Frank Navarro or Ka Migo, Party and NPA cadre, and an activist priest of the Catholic Church in Surigao del Sur, sacrificed his life. Let us make today a day to salute, give tribute, and remember all the martyrs like Ka Migo, Ka Binoy, Ka Nards and many more,  a day of the Monument of the Struggle in Caraga.

This year, we particularly pay tribute to all the martyrs of the NPA.

Let us celebrate the day of the Monument of the Struggle by launching cultural programs to give tribute, read the list of martyrs, launch military actions and other forms of remembering.

Let us salute and pay tribute to all the martyrs!
Revolutionary Martyrs are Unshakeable Monuments!
Advance the People’s War!
Persist in achieving more victories!

(sgd) Ka Maria Malaya
Spokesperson, NDFP-NEMR


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