Philippine military's 'new' Internal Security Operation no different from past failed ISOs — CPP

Military intensifies intervention into civilian government operations

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today dismissed claims of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) top command that its new internal security operation (ISO) plan will be an "entirely new campaign," as purportedly it would address the issue of human rights violations that has long been the subject of charges against the government military and security forces.

"The AFP, under the tutelage of its higher US military command, has been coming up with one ISO plan after another for the past forty years since the revival of the people's war in the country. None has been essentially different from the other, as not one has addressed the basic issues of oppression and exploitation underlying the Filipino people's revolutionary armed struggle," said the CPP.

"Like the Oplan Bantay Laya (OBL, Operation Freedom Watch) of the past nine years, the AFP's new ISO will fail in defeating the people's war."

"It is impossible for the AFP to conceive of a counterrevolutionary war that will win the people's support as the puppet reactionary state forces' fundamental thrust has always been to defend the rotten ruling system through fascist suppression of the people's struggle for national and social liberation," added the CPP.

"The AFP forces' recent killing of Prof. Leonardo Co and two of his companions, who were simply collecting indigenous plant samples in the forested area of Kananga, Leyte, and the AFP's continued denial despite evidences of their wrongdoing, underscore its inability to look itself in the mirror and allow itself to undertake fundamental reforms," said the CPP. "What are the AFP's generals talking about when they claim to be refining its rules of engagement and paying attention now to human rights?"

The CPP added: "Because the AFP totally lacks the support of the people, even as it has to rely largely on US-provided high-tech equipment for intelligence work, it remains always blind and deaf as it conducts its counterrevolutionary military operations."

The CPP also questioned the notably significant intervention of the AFP in the implementation of basic social and political policies of the puppet reactionary government, including the present US-Aquino regime.

"Why is it that the implementation of basic social policies of the ruling regime, especially at the grassroots, are being forged by the military and not by the national civilian leadership?" asked the CPP. "Why is it that local government units, civilian agencies and non-governmental organizations are being directed and mobilized by the military, and not the other way around?"

"The US-Aquino regime and its armed forces are only exposing the fact that 'good goverance', 'winning the peace', 'holistic approach' and other such 'counter-insurgency' slogans are there only to sugar-coat the AFP's continuing paramount thrust of relying on the barrel of the gun and other sheer fascist methods in trying to suppress the Filipino people's armed revolution."

"That so, the US-Aquino government is paving the way for more militarization of governance and the intensification of the fascist suppression of the people's resistance," the CPP pointed out. "In the end, however, the people's resistance is bound to prevail."



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