NPA ambushes 1002nd Brigade in Davao del Sur

Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command
NPA FarSouth Mindanao Region

Command detonated explosives, NOT land mines against the 1002nd Bde

The Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command claims responsibility for  the tactical offensive against a military convoy of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) under the 1002nd Brigade in Barangay (village) Tikulon, Malita, Davao del Sur on 29 July 2011, which resulted in the death of four 39th Infantry Battalion elements and the wounding of several others.

This tactical offensive using command detonated explosives was mounted in defense of the territories of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in Malita, Davao del Sur which have been under continuous attack by the government troopers in order to clear the area for foreign, large-scale mining interests.

Under the pretext of conducting civilian military operations, no less than the commanding officers of the 27th Infantry Battalion, the 73rd IB and the 39th IB of the 1002nd Brigade were on their way to Little Baguio, Malita to oversee the ongoing military operation there. This military operation, which has been going on for months now, is a requisite for ensuring the mining company’s free and easy access into the vast ancestral domain of the B’laan and Kaolo tribes. As a matter of fact, on 26 July, a soldier of the 73rd IB was killed in a sniping operation by the people’s militia in Sitio Malbag, Brgy Little Baguio which is part of the mining claim.

The 39th IB’s Col. Oliver Artuz was quick to pinpoint that  the “NPA’s treacherous act is a clear violation of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.” May we inform Col Artuz that as evidenced by the detonating wires, what was used was a COMMAND DETONATED EXPLOSIVE, NOT A LAND MINE. As such, the NPA did not violate any provision of international humanitarian law. Furthermore, the tactical offensive had a clear and legitimate target – the military contingents who had been conducting a military operation and terrorizing the people in order to clear the way for the entry of multinational mining companies.

For the further erudition of Col Artuz, command detonated explosives (CDX) which the NPA use, will explode only upon switching by the detonating officer. The detonating officer and the higher command see to it that no civilians are present when the command is given. Mere pressure will not cause the CDX to explode. Unlike the AFP’s Toratora, Sikorsky, OV10 and other aircraft bombers, which the AFP have been using in the indiscriminate bombing of rural villages and lumad communities, the NPA’s command detonated explosives are controlled and are switched-on only when the legitimate target is present.

For the Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command,


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