NDFP Declaration of Adherence to International Humanitarian Law

15 August 1991

As a party to the 22-year-long civil war in the Philippines, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) hereby formally declares its adherence to international humanitarian law, especially Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions as well as Protocol II additional to said conventions, in the conduct of the armed conflict in the Philippines.

As a national liberation organization and movement committed to uphold the interests of the Filipino people against foreign domination (especially that of the United States) and local oppression, the NDF has always adhered to the principle of according full respect for innocent human life in the conduct of its struggle against the ruling elite in the Philippines and its foreign backers.

From the time of the peace talks with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) in 1986-1987, the NDF has reinforced this commitment by publicly declaring on various occasions its voluntary adherence to Protocol II of the Geneva Conventions and to international humanitarian law in general. It has also taken concrete steps to ensure its observance by its forces operating in 63 provinces (out of a total 75) throughout the country.

In the current peace process in the Philippines, the NDF has proposed to the GRP the conclusion of an agreement on human rights and international humanitarian law as an objective even before talks and agreement on the other substantive issues take place. The aim of such an agreement would be to ensure the mutual observance of international humanitarian law by the parties which would thereby serve to reduce the human and material costs of the conflict.

Through this formal declaration, the NDF affirms to the Filipino people and the international community its commitment to humanize the conflict as part of its firm pursuit of a just, enduring and liberating peace in the Philippines. 15 August 1991. For the NDFP National Council: MANUEL ROMERO
NDFP National Council


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