Governor Marañon cannot solve the problems of poverty, hunger and injustice in Negros

Governor Marañon is part of the social problems suffered by the people of Negros

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The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) – Negros consider Gov. Alfredo Marañon as the local chief representative responsible in maintaining and defending the existing semi-feudal and feudal exploitation and oppression of the people in Negros. As a comprador-landlord, bureaucrat capitalist official and fascist warlord, it's impossible for him to solve the problem of hunger, and injustice thru his active role in the counter-revolutionary and anti-people military campaign called "Oplan Bayanihan" of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and his "Negros First Development Agenda."

The governor is part of the social problem being suffered by the people.

The governor shows that he is one of the rabid fascist architect to implement a brutal and bloody "Oplan Bayanihan" under the Aquino regime, that is an extension of the "Oplan Bantay Laya", aimed to crush the armed revolutionary movement of the people. He uses the governor's office in mobilizing the agencies of government, city and town government units, government funds and resources, and the non-government organizations (NGOs) for direct and active participation on TRIAD operations of the AFP and Philippine National Police (PNP) namely combat operations, psy-war and civilian-military operations, and intelligence operations against the revolutionary movement and the legal democratic movement of the people.

The governor is in the lead of the formation of the "Negros Island Peace and Order Council" (NIPOC) as an island-wide fascist center of civilian-military cooperation and coordination for their counter revolutionary war. Under the joint leadership with Gov. Roel Degamo of Negros Oriental as co-chair of NIPOC, with members including Col. Jonas Sumagaysay of the 303rd Infantry Brigade and Col Manuel Ochotorena of the 302nd Brigade of the Philippine Army, Senior Supt Allan Guisihan of Negros Occ PNP and Senior Supt Rey Lyndon Lawas of Negros Oriental, and other high ranking officials of government — this will definitely result to big changes in priorities of the reactionary government as an institution that will serve in the delivery of wars and deaths and not on the delivery of social services and peace for the people.

Instead of using government funds to alleviate the hunger of landless peasants, workers without jobs, semi-workers in the cities who lost their homes, Marañon wasted the spending of public funds for the unjust and non-productive counter revolutionary war of "Oplan Bayanihan." Besides his generous funding for the military operations of the AFP, it's also easy for him to release funds for the PNP to strengthen the police role in the counter revolutionary war including the controversial P10-15 million subsidy solicited by Senior Supt Guisihan for intelligence operations.

Governor Marañon is also a supporter of the RPA armed goons used by the AFP as an instrument in their counter revolutionary campaign against the revolutionary forces and also being hired by the warlords and reactionary politicians in North Negros against the peasants who are launching legitimate struggles for land reform, just wages, against land grabbing and other democratic demands.

The continuous calls and insults of the fascist Governor Marañon against the New People's Army (NPA) to "come down", join the localized "peace talks" and surrender, in order to taste delicious food, makes him a cheap specialist of psywar operations of "Oplan Bayanihan". His skills are above par compared to the regular psywar agents like Lt. Col. Isabelo delos Reyes, SSgt Batoy Imbang and others from the 303rd Infantry Brigade PA in deodorizing the slogans of lies and the bad image of the AFP as bogus instrument of "peace and development and protector of human rights" and hide the fascist and anti-people nature of "OPlan Bayanihan" of the Aquino regime.

Part of the grandiose psywar operations is his "Negros First Development Agenda" that he boasts will deliver progress in Negros. But the truth is, it's nothing more than a local version of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and other subsidy-related programs of the Aquino regime in order to fool and divide the people on the real roots of the social problems of landlessness, absence of nationalist industrialization and the use of bureaucrat officials of their positions in government as if it is their private company to amass big profits form legal and illegal transactions and corruptions.

Marañon cannot wash his hands in his direct and indirect responsibilities in the sufferings of the people and the crimes committed by the AFP, like extra-judicial killings, forced disappearances, tortures and other human rights violations. The governor has also to answer to revolutionary justice for his wrongdoings against the people for land grabbing peasant lots that victimized 111 families in Sta Cruz Murcia to be used as grazing lands for his imported cows.

He has shown his selfish interests to earn kickbacks in his approval for destructive large scale mining operations of foreign mining firms in the mountains of southern and central Negros covering thousands of hectares despite the protest of the people and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. There is also the plan of Marañon in cahoots with the despotic warlords Mayor Bebot Mirasol and Vice Mayor Aranda in the construction of a tourist resort in the springs of Bia-o, Binalbagan that worries the peasants who will surely lost their lands and the activities of a 60-member armed groups securing the project, threatening and spreading terror among the residents in the area.

We are reminding Gov Joseph Marañon Jr that he is only pouring gasoline and intensifying the anger of the masses of the working people in hastening the eruption of the social volcano of the armed revolution. Marañon is also wrong when he insults the food eaten by the NPA like cassava (balinghoy), bisol, camote, and corn that are part of the warm support of the masses that give sustenance to the revolutionary army to launch guerrilla warfare onward to strategic stalemate in five years.


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