Gloria Arroyo's SONA of lies: Protests unmask oppression and extreme poverty under US-Arroyo Regime

By Jose Emilio Jacinto III

Massive protests in Manila and other parts of the country spearheaded by militant mass organizations unmasked the heap of lies that Gloria Arroyo spewed during her 28 July State of the Nation Address (SONA). On the streets, the people’s shouts attested that there is unprecedented hunger and food shortage in the country and the poor are lining up to buy rice; that the skyrocketing prices of petroleum products and basic commodities have further impoverished Filipino workers, peasants and the urban petty bourgeoisie who receive starvation wages; that massive unemployment has been forcing thousands of Filipinos a day to leave in order to work overseas; that militarization and brutal repression against the civilian population continue on a daily basis, and that the Arroyo family and the highest GRP officials are deeply embroiled in the biggest corruption scandals.

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