Criminal cases filed against Pablo "Jean" Sola, Jr in the Revolutionary People's Court

Spokesperson, Armando Sumayang, Jr. Command
Southwest Negros Guerilla Front, Negros Island

The revolutionary movement welcomes the brave filing of cases by the peasants against Pablo “Jean” Sola Jr. for six brutal murders and “salvaging” (extra-judicial killing), 10 counts of destruction of properties, one count of arson, land grabbing of lots of 37 residents, destruction of crops of the people, threats and indiscriminate firing.

The Revolutionary Peoples’ Court has ordered the New Peoples’ Army to serve the subpoena on accused Pablo “Jean” Sola Jr. The accused is obliged to answer this subpoena as an exercise of his right to due process and hearing of his case that will start in preliminary investigation. He must contact the nearest NPA unit upon receiving the subpoena. Failure to answer the subpoena means that he waives his right to preliminary investigation by the People’s Court. Then he will just have to wait for the Warrant of Arrest to be served by the NPA for trial after which the People’s Court will issue its final decision.

The local people have suffered for more than seven decades under the oppressive rule of the family of Pablo Sola, Jr. From his father Pablito Sola who grabbed the lands of the poor peasants in 1942 in Brgy (village) Camansi, Kabankalan City using the feudal order “Everything that my eyes can see is Mine.” Murders, threats, manhandlings, filing of trumped up charges against the peasants who fought against land grabbing utilizing the reactionary courts and laws, the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the mercenary Philippine Army were used by the Solas against the poor peasants.

It has taken a long time, no step taken or the case was just simply disregarded by the reactionary court in Kabankalan on the complaints filed by the poor peasants against Pablo Sola and his Security Guards.

The barangay officials and the PNP are also inutile especially the PNP Kabankalan to ensure that peace and order is enforced in the affected place against the indiscriminate firings, threats and murders blamed on the accused including his son John Paul Sola.

There is also the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) after including the 54 peasants being threatened by Pablo Sola Jr as agrarian reform beneficiaries, it never has the teeth to impose the law favorable to the peasants. Now the criminal-bandit RPA-ABB is being used as instrument of threats and intimidations against the poor peasants.

It is but legitimate and right that the peasant victims of injustice file a case against the accused in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Court, that whatever decision it will make will be enforced by the New People’s Army.


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