CPP sees US hand in Aquino talk with MILF's Murad

While claiming to seek peace, the armed forces of the Manila government continue to carry out armed oppression within the Moro homeland and commit widescale violations of human rights, including attacks against mosques and Moro communities — Communist Party of the Philippines

CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said “the US government’s fingerprints are all over” Philippine President Benigno Aquino III’s meeting last Thursday with Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Al Haj Murad. At the same time, the CPP expressed concerns “that forces who vigorously oppose the Moro people’s struggle for self-determination are setting a capitulation trap to ensnare the MILF.”

Last Thursday, Aquino flew unannounced to Tokyo, Japan to meet Murad in what MalacaƱang spokesmen described as an effort to “fast-track” peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the MILF. The MILF has been waging an armed struggle to achieve self-determination for the Moro people mainly in wide areas in southern Philippines.

“Only his US imperialist masters could persuade Aquino to do away with all diplomatic niceties in order to carry out publicity gimmicks and score political points,” said the CPP. “The apparent aim of the US-Aquino regime in meeting the MILF in Tokyo is to gain a moral high ground and put public pressure on the MILF to put an end to its armed resistance.”

“Aquino’s unannounced and extra-diplomatic Tokyo rendezvous is starkly similar to his protocol-breaking unannounced boarding of the USS Carl Vinson last May which was hastily arranged by US embassy officials in Manila,” said the CPP. “American Ambassador Harry Thomas is acting like the CIA’s Chief of Mission in the Philippines that is directing the political, economic and military affairs of the Aquino government in accordance with its counterinsurgency objectives.”

“The US imperialists have long been interested in putting an end to the armed resistance of the Moro people in order to pave the way for US corporations to carry out the thorough plunder of the remaining oil, timber and mineral resources in Mindanao areas,” said the CPP. “For almost a decade now, they have maintained a 700-strong armed contingent in Zamboanga under the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines that has been engaged in counter-guerrilla operations against the MILF and the New People’s Army.”

“The US embassy has mobilized American public resources and private organizations to carry out image-building projects in Moro territories with the aim of bribing the Moro people to accept American military and economic presence in the Bangsamoro homeland,” pointed out the CPP.

“Under US military protection, foreign mining corporations have been setting their sights on rich resources in Southwest Mindanao, the Sulu Sea, east and northwest Palawan,” said the CPP, citing contracts amounting to $7.5 billion covering 10 million hectares of land and sea.

“Aside from the vast economic opportunities to be opened for US big monopoly corporations, the US seeks to put an end to the Moro armed resistance in order to strengthen its military foothold on Mindanao,” said the CPP. “A large contingent of US military forces under the US Pacific Command are practically based in Mindanao using an exlusive area in Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City as well as unrestricted access to other ports and military facilities in other Mindanao provinces.”

“With Aquino meeting Chairman Murad, the MILF has unquestionably gained vast diplomatic mileage as a belligerent force in the civil war between the Moro people and the Manila reactionary government,” pointed out the CPP. “However, it is also apparent that the US-Aquino regime wishes to coax the MILF into accepting another Misuari-type capitulation deal, compel them to forego their right to self-determination and force them bow to the Philippine constitution and surrender their claim to an independent homeland.”

“While claiming to seek peace, the armed forces of the Manila government continue to carry out armed oppression within the Moro homeland and commit widescale violations of human rights, including attacks against mosques and Moro communities,” said the CPP. “In the face of the all-out war against the Moro people of the reactionary Manila government, the Philippine revolutionary forces trust that the MILF will continue to advance the Moro people’s armed revolutionary resistance.”

The CPP reaffirmed its support to the struggle of the Moro people for self-determination and to their revolutionary armed resistance to secede from the oppressive Manila government or achieve autonomous rule. A formal alliance exists between the MILF and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).


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